PHOCOA PHP Framework

Intro Screencast: Build a simple blog app in 15 minutes

What is PHOCOA?

PHOCOA (pronounced faux-ko) is a PHP framework for developing web applications. PHOCOA's primary intent is to make web application development in PHP easier, faster, and higher-quality. The framework handles most of the "dirty work" of web application development by providing infrastructure for all of the common tasks. Most of your time writing PHOCOA apps will be spent designing your GUI and writing application-specific logic rather than dealing with form data, database calls, etc.

PHOCOA is an object-oriented, event-driven, componentized, MVC (model-view-controller) web framework inspired by Apple's Cocoa and WebObjects technologies.

PHOCOA Solution Areas

  • Separation of Model, View, and Controller (MVC) layers
  • Form State Maintenance
  • Data Persistence to RDBMS (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, etc. via Propel)
  • Controller Layer - Automatically keeps UI and Data objects in sync without writing code
  • Web Site Skins / Themes
  • Data Pagination and Sorting
  • Data Normalization, Validation, and display of Errors
  • Web Application Configuration and Deployment (Development vs. Production, easy to use with Version Control)
  • Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure
  • Component Re-Use, both within and between applications
  • Search-Engine Friendly URLs
  • Code Generation: Automatically Generates Skeleton Add / Edit / Delete code and UI from Propel DB Objects
  • AJAX infrastructure
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