Interface WFDieselSearchHelperStateTracking


All UI Widgets that coordinate with WFDieselSearchHelper should implement this interface for QueryState management.

We can't use the normal restoreState() callback for this since we layer a "dpQueryState" as the initial state with the data from the individual UI widgets overriding this state. Since dpQueryState isn't available until AFTER restoreState is called (where setQueryState is called from the PageDidLoad callback) we had to build our own infrastructure for this to work properly.

It's very simple.

All UI Widgets should call registerWidget() from the allConfigFinishedLoading() method, then implement this interface.

Located in /framework/WFDieselpoint.php (line 852)

Method Summary
dieselSearchRestoreState (line 857)

IFF the UI widget knows that its state was set in the interface, it should use addAttributeQuery/setSimpleQuery to effect this.

void dieselSearchRestoreState ()

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