Class WFWebApplicationDelegate


Delegate methods for WFWebApplication.

This file is used only as a documentation stub. Most of the delegate methods for WFWebApplication are for application-wide settings. HOWEVER, these settings should generally be settings for the application logic itself, NOT deployment configuration that changes between deployment locations (ie DEV, STAGING, PRODUCTION). Deployment configuration settings are in the webapp.conf.

  • todo: Do we need sessionDidStartForFirstTime()?

Located in /framework/WFWebApplicationDelegate.php (line 21)

Method Summary
boolean autoload (string $className)
string defaultModule ()
boolean handleUncaughtException (object Exception $e)
void initialize ()
void sessionDidStart ()
autoload (line 29)

Autoload callback.

  • return: TRUE if the class loading request was handled, FALSE otherwise.
boolean autoload (string $className)
  • string $className: The class name needing loading.
defaultModule (line 47)

Retrieve the default module for the application.

  • return: The default module for this web application. You may specify either a module name (examplemodule) or a path to a module (path/to/examplemodule).
  • see: WFWebApplicationDelegate::defaultInvocationPath
  • deprecated:
string defaultModule ()
defaultSkinDelegate (line 56)

Retreive the default skin delegate to use for the application.

string defaultSkinDelegate ()
handleUncaughtException (line 93)

A callback function so that the application can handle uncaught exceptions (ie log to database, email, etc)

  • return: TRUE if the exception was handled and stop further processing, FALSE otherwise.
boolean handleUncaughtException (object Exception $e)
  • object Exception $e
initialize (line 85)

A callback function that your application can use to set up application config.

This function is called from the WFWebApplication constructor... life cycle currently goes:

  • sessionWillStart
  • initialize
  • sessionDidStart
If you need a hook to do something BEFORE the session is initialized, do it from your delegate's constructor. Remember, though, you're constructor is called before autoload() works...

An example of something to do during initialize() is to set up the WFAuthorizationDelegate, and bootstrap your DB connection (ie Propel::init()).

void initialize ()
sessionDidStart (line 70)

Called just after the session is started.

This gives applications a chance to set up session info.

void sessionDidStart ()
sessionWillStart (line 63)

Called just before the session is started.

This gives applications a chance to twiddle php session config before starting the session.

void sessionWillStart ()

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