PHOCOA PHP Framework

YUI AutoComplete

Examples of ComboBox/Autocomplete AJAX widget built with YUI AutoComplete widget. PHOCOA procides support for both static data and AJAX callbacks to deliver the autocomplete results.

Note that all of these examples are created without any coding, other than defining the arrays of data. The rest is all done through PHOCOA Builder configuration.

AutoComplete with Static Data

Simplest case

What is your favorite color of the rainbow?

Adding custom formatters and other options

All of the YUI options for AutoComplete are supported.

Select a state example, with a custom format function.

Pick a US state:

AutoComplete with Dynamic Data (via AJAX)

This is the same as the state example above, but using AJAX to look for autocomplete matches.

Pick a US state:



Basic Examples
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AJAX Examples

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Appcelerator Integration
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