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Examples of all Widgets: Table of Contents

All examples use the same data model for consistency. There is a Person object and a City object. Person has many attributes, one of which, city, is a link to a city object.

Code is included with each example.

Widget Examples

The examples below demonstrate how to use each widget, and how to bind the widget's data to a model object. For these examples, there are two shared instances, person and cities. Person is a WFObjectController object with its content set to a single person instance. Cities is a WFObjectController with its content set to a list of all cities. This is a typical setup for a PHOCOA web page.

Each example below is a different page of the same module. The module's shared setup source is here.

AJAX Integration

PHOCOA provides both low-level and high-level AJAX support. The low-level support is a simple RPC infrastructure for AJAX with specialized wiring to easily route Javascript RPC calls to PHP objects. The high-level support allows DOM events to easily be wired to php objects.

Some PHOCOA widgets also make use of the AJAX integration directly, making it very easy to add AJAX functionality to your app by adding only PHP functions.

Advanced Features

This area includes additional UI kit capabilities that are more involved than simple widgets.



Basic Examples
  Skin Browser
  Regex Tester

AJAX Examples

  (YUI Examples)
  Tree View
  Tab View

Appcelerator Integration
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