PHOCOA PHP Framework

PHOCOA Roadmap

Current Status - 1.0b018 BETA - Ready for Adoption

Sept 29, 2008

PHOCOA has been upgraded to BETA status! The following recent accomplishments have led me to begin promoting adoption of PHOCOA:

  • Over 3 years in production with multiple applications (view our property search app)
  • Completed all major planned refactoring in the last couple of months
  • I am comfortable that there will be no BC-breaking changes in the future
  • I have taught several other people how to use it, and have really simplified installation and setup and use based on feedback
  • Improved user guide

At this point, I am ready for others to try to use PHOCOA to build some web applications. I really want to get the project moving forward now that there is a stable infrastructure and a clear path forward.

Get involved!

We are particularly interested in people with the following skills:

  • Framework architecture
  • Internationalization
  • Session management
  • Cocoa (to work on PHOCOA Builder)
  • PHP5, OO Design
  • Javascript / AJAX, particularly prototype and YUI
  • PEAR packaging
  • Phing
  • Documentation (DocBook, PhpDocumentor)

To get involved, just sign up for the phocoa-dev mailing list and tell us how you want to help!

Milestone: 1.0 Release

A debugged, documented, API-stable version for the public!

  • Internationalization Infrastructure - might wait for PHP 6 for this... although we could get started minus unicode support
  • WFSession - how do we want to handle sessions?
  • PEAR installable.
  • More example code, documentation.
  • More tests.
  • More Widgets (particulalry YUI support)
  • WFTreeExplorer - a hierarchicy widget. Better name anyone?
  • WFTreeController - a Controller layer interface for hierarchies. I can see this being great for menu systems in particular.
  • Windows, UNIX, Web-based version of PHOCOA builder?
  • WFNumberFormatter - improve capabilities to include %, currency, negatives, etc inline with NSNumberFormatter.
  • DONE - WFYAHOO_widget_Menu - a widget to build menus based on WFArrayController or WFTreeController.
  • DONE - Infrastructure for direct AJAX callbacks to widgets

Milestone: 1.0 Beta - DONE! 9/18/2007

Before we go 1.0, we want to make as many of the backward-compatibility breaking changes as possible. Once we go 1.0, I'd like to keep BC very strong.

The following areas of the framework need to be completed for the 1.0 milestone:

  • DONE - Any architectural changes needed?
  • DONE - Stabilization of APIs - please look for inconsistencies so we can
  • DONE - Look at the To Do List from the code.
  • DONE - Make sure that the page life cylce is working as best as possible. Do we want a no-action callback? or is testing $page->hasSubmittedForm() sufficient?
  • DONE - Do we want to support target-action for buttons? Right now things are hard coded; button named XXX calls function pageName_XXX_Action() method. If we support target-action (and subsequently target-action bindings) we could eliminate the need for some more coding, such as simple action handlers to call save().
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